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About MBM Property Management

Here at MBM Property Management LLC, we started out by managing investment properties for our clients who bought from us. Then, we were asked to do more property management.

Here For All Your Property Management Needs


The reality is that current buyers and sellers are faced with a hefty burden of proof:

Criminal Background Check

Thorough Inspection

Maintenance Team

If you are a property manager or a landlord in Texas you are required by the law to comply with this state code. Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code addresses property code for rental properties. With 9 sub chapters and 95 individual sections it can be a bit overwhelming. Texas Rekey brings you this easy video that highlights some of the key requirements. Hope you find the video useful. Feel free to share any suggestions or comments you may have.

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We use a property management software. You will have an owner’s portal so you can have access to your account at any time. This software will track everything on your property.

MBM Property Management LLC charges between 8% to 10% each month per property for our services. This is negotiable.

If MBM Property Management leases the property, the commission is 80% of the first month’s rent.

We recommend either a home warranty or a larger reserve for repairs.

We will go to court for you if needed for an eviction.

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